Laura Jayne Halton couture espouses a design philosophy which encapsulates the essence of the female silhouette through a fusion of classic and contemporary elegance.

Her collections embody precision tailoring, luxe fabrics and a distinctive colour palette inspired by a contrast of New York minimalism and timeless Italian Heritage whilst staying grounded in their Irish made craftsmanship. Her innovative ethos is reflected in a diverse portfolio which ranges from design work for the Sarah Jessica Parker Brand and a host of awards including the "One to Watch" in association with Image magazine, showcased at The Irish Fashion Innovation Awards and a nomination as finalist in the distinctive Peroni Nastro Azzurro Moda Awards in association with Marco DiVincenzo. Her beautiful work has become the go-to choice for women who want to be empowered through style by a truly unique and timeless piece that can transition from season to season, from oscar nominees to global ambassadors

to enjoy the unique experience of having a bespoke design created, from initial meeting to discuss ideas, custom sketches and fabric sourcing to final fittings and styling advice for the perfect final outfit:please get in touch to arrange a private consultation via our contact form or email [email protected]

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Inspired by the best of Italian heritage, the art and textures of the Renaissance and feminine luxury : The Florentine Collection